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Siemens PLM NX is one of the most powerful product lifecycle management software (PLM) provided by Siemens and is widely used in the industry. The product lifecycle is one of the most important marketing concepts; in marketing for any new product entering the market, it is believed that the product passes through its various stages throughout its lifecycle, each of which has specific characteristics and requires special measures that the organization Enabling the best of the product to benefit.
Using this software, engineers, managers and manufacturers can integrate their products with a powerful set of CAD, CAE and CAM. Improving decision-making throughout the product development process in the context of this collection managers can be a Mac to attend more successful in the market. The software solutions allow the user to easily use modeling techniques and model each piece using the lines, levels and volumes.

Other features of this software include professional designing of 3D and two-dimensional models, performing various economic analyzes, managing moment-to-moment, product design through software, manufacturing components using CAM software and high compatibility with Other PLM and CAD software.

Key features of the Siemens PLM NX software:
– Design, model, and produce commercial products
– Perform professional industrial design
– Professional product life cycle management (PLM)
– Provide new design solutions
– Edit geometries generated in other CAD software
– Full integration between design steps Engineering and Manufacturing
– Reducing NC Programming and Machining Time
– Increasing Productivity and Product Profitability
– Managing Market and Performing Economic Analysis
– Simulating and Analyzing Different Physical Processes
– High Adaptation with Other CAD and PLM Software such as SolidEdge and TeamCenter

NX provides key capabilities for fast, efficient and flexible product development:
– Advanced solutions for conceptual design, 3D modeling and documentation
– Multi-discipline simulation for structural, motion, thermal, flow and multi-physics applications
– Complete part manufacturing solutions for tooling, Machining and quality inspection

NX software helps you design, simulate and produce better products faster by enabling smarter decisions in an integrated product development environment.

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required system

Operating Systems:
– Windows 10 (64-bit)

Recommended system configuration:– 64-bit (x64) processor with support for SSSE3
– Windows 10 operating system
– 12 GB of RAM or more
– 1 GB VRAM or higher

Minimum system configuration:– 64-bit (x64) processor with support for SSSE3
– Windows 10 operating system
– 8 GB of RAM or more
– 512 MB VRAM or higher

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